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Kuvio by Lumicor


New ideas are taking shape at Lumicor with the introduction of Kuvio, a lively collection of dimensional geometric wall tiles. Kuvio by Lumicor brings pattern to life with crisp, versatile shapes in a stunning collection of finishes, including woodgrains, textured solids, metals, and concrete. Each of the collection’s seven shapes can achieve a multitude of different patterns, allowing for greater design flexibility and designer creativity.

Compared to traditional tile or other dimensional wall products that require a multi-step installation, Kuvio tiles by Lumicor are ready to install out of the box. The ease of application not only minimizes mess and downtime but also drastically reduces a project’s installation costs, taking the completion time from days to mere hours.

Tiles can be easily cut on site using standard cutting tools alleviating many of the technical challenges that drag out timelines and drive up labor costs. Additionally, the tile’s lightweight construction makes Kuvio easy to handle and lightweight to ship.

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